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What Are PLR Membership Sites and How to Use PLR Products?

What Are PLR Membership Sites and How to Use PLR Products?

The term “PLR” stands for Private Label Rights and PLR Membership Sites are websites dedicated to distribution of PLR Products in the form of PLR EBooks, PLR Videos, PLR Information Products, PLR Plugins, PLR Themes, PLR Business in a Box Solutions and more.

Most PLR Membership Websites will require you to pay a monthly recurring fee to access the PLR contents. However, there are some websites, which take a one-time payment for life or an entire year.

One of the PLR Store Websites that I use is Buyqualityplr.com. They have an amazing and ever increasing the stock of PLR products with resell rights and they keep adding new products every month. They are my personal choice. However, you are free to try out other websites as well.

Once you have become a member of BestResaleRights then you can access their exclusive private PLR Area, where they stock all kinds of Private Label Rights Products, MRR Products, Resale Rights Products, Basic Resell Rights Products and Personal Use only products as well.

Here are 10 Smart Ways You Can Use PLR Products:

1.  Give the products away as a bonus when your customers make a purchase through your affiliate links. Bonuses have been tested to convert more prospects into paying customers than any other marketing strategy.

2.  You can use the content to fuel your social media profiles on a daily basis. Since the content has PLR rights, you can mark your authorship on them as well.

3.  You can split Private Label Rights EBooks into smaller versions or articles, and you can use them individually as content for your blogs, magazines, or weekly newsletters.

using plr products to make cash online.

4.  You can re-purpose the content for offline purpose and use them for keynote presentations, turn them into physical products and sell them at a high margin.

5.  You can create 7 days e-courses on various subjects of your choice either paid or free. You can build trust among prospective customers by distributing the e-courses via auto-responders.

6.  Make smaller versions of a big EBook and sell it as three or four smaller versions like Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV.

7.  You can use the PLR products as an Upsell or a One-time-offer in your funnels, one of my favourite type of digital products are plr video products. If you do not want to offer them as an upsell, you can give them as free gifts along with your products and increase your profit margin.

8.  Translate the content into various other languages and sell them at high margins.

9.  Customize, manipulate, re-title, re-brand and change the products from PLR membership websites.

10.  Sell the master resale rights and resell rights to the products for 100% of the profits. Even if you have the plan to resell the PLR Products, you will get a lot of value out of what’s shared in the tutorials.

making money with products with plr.

Hope you have a clear understanding of what are PLR membership sites and how you can use them to make money. Have a good day.

5 Classic Ways to Use PLR Contents to Make Money Online

5 Classic Ways to Use PLR Contents to Make Money Online

Are you in the Internet Marketing business and still struggling to get fresh content written or outsourced? Are you still in a fix about how to research for content that should go to your business blog? And Are you tired of writing your stuff and then editing and re-editing it? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you most definitely have never heard about PLR products.

With the rise of Private Label Rights Articles, eBooks, Videos, Info products and more over the past few years, it is hard to imagine an IMer finding it difficult to create content for their business. With PLR products, you could be spitting new content or content ideas by the seconds.

Private Label Rights Contents Are Well-designed To Build Authority

With the help of Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights or Basic Resell Rights products, you can build your online authority on auto pilot. You can establish your brand and position yourself as an expert in your industry regardless of your knowledge or skill set in real.

You may not be a seasoned writer, but if you ever wanted to publish your book on anything, PLR products will give you the power to live your dreams without undergoing the pain of researching and then hiring content writers to do the work and following up with all the necessary tools of the trade.

using plr products to start your business online

Are you getting bored in your niche? Running out of fresh ideas and resources to keep your visitors convinced about your authority? You can use PLR content as a basis of inspiration and heck, you could even give a set of PLR articles or EBooks on your chosen topic to writers and tell them to rehash the stuff and publish it on your website. This would technically automate your business blog and keep your mind free to think about other important activities, like growing your business.

If you are thinking of building a new Website or Article business, then you can use PLR products to save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on research and content curation. Just pick up whatever PLR articles that fit your requirement and use them ‘as is’ or get them modified and put up on your website. You can also use PLR articles to fuel your website on a regular basis and offer a set of ‘niche related How to or Top 10’ articles as a token of goodwill in exchange for the email of your visitors.

Building a niche related email list, goes a long from just harvesting tons of useless email addresses and flooding their inbox with your mails. With PLR Autoresponder Series, you will be able to offer relevant, frequent and interesting information to your audience and build a list that responds to other niche related offers that you throw at them.

Autoresponder Series PLR